France has a country-wide trail system that allows access to everywhere you want to go which allows Cheval Voyages horse riding tours to immerse you in Medieval France.Castles abound and you will have your fill of walking the halls of these famous architectural monuments of the Renaissance and before.

France is crisscrossed with rivers which provide the life giving waters that make all of its countryside vibrantly lush and green. You will ride your horse through ancient forests and nature preserves, through farm lands, vineyards, and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. You will ride right into the villages on the cobblestone streets to tie up at a ring imbedded in the 900 year old wall of a 12 th century castle or bastide. The scope of Cheval Voyages tours offers the chance to catapult yourself back to the times of
D’Artagnan, Henry IV, and Louis XIV—ride where they rode, sleep in the villages where they slept.

You will dine on authentic French cuisine and broaden your palate with endless varieties of region specific wines. Every village offers a view into the French culture of ancient Gaul, Renaissance France, and on into the 21 st century. Several stops on the Cheval Voyages itineraries bring you to the locations of UNESCO World Heritage sites and “Towns of Art and History” as designated by the French Department of Culture.

Cheval Voyages horse riding tours are progressive rides. On most days, you will ride to a new location to overnight in a guest house or hotel in a new village. Each ride consists of 4-6 hours per day in the saddle, riding at all paces. Every stopover provides ample opportunities to explore French history and culture going back hundreds of years.

Foodies will delight in the culturally authentic gastronomic fare on every tour. And if you’re a wine lover, well, it goes without saying there is no place like France to expand your palate as well as your knowledge and appreciation of the centuries-old traditions still observed in the French wine-making industry.

Depending on the tour selected, you can enjoy other activities, such as visiting trogdolyte caves, silk worm factories, craft and artisan museums, traditional wood boat rides, wine tastings, and more castles and medieval churches than one can see in a single visit. Non-riding companions that accompany the riding tour will not suffer for lack of things to do.