Mount Lozere is the highest peak in the Cevennes National Park, which is situated within the Massif Central. This rugged mountain range is filled with spectacular granite fault zones topped by limestone plateaus cut by deep river canyons. Mont Lozere is covered with coniferous plantations, lush peat bogs and broom scrub moorland. Remarkable untamed vistas await your every step.

Simultaneously rebellious and beautiful, Lozere presents a strong contrast between rigorous mountain life and the gentleness of the Mediterranean climate. Mount Lozere is the source of the River Tarn and contains the highest point on the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail. 

This Huegonot stronghold, with its rough history and harsh character, was the theater of war of the 18th century Camisards insurrection. Robert Louis Stevenson chronicled his solo journey through the Cevennes and Mount Lozere in “Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes”. Roquefort cheese is made from ewe’s milk from Les Causses.

  • Mount Lozère
  • Les Causses: Méjean, Sauveterre, and Margueride limestone plateaus
  • Tarn Gorge
  • 7th century village of Sainte Enimie
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Trail
  • Traditional Mediterranean agro-pastoral livestock farming
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site

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